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Choose Buying Agent Wisely

Thinking about buying a home? Be sure to choose your agent wisely. There are many agents out there. Make a purposeful choice: Interview agents and ask a lot of questions. Choose someone you know and trust to look out for your best interest, to guide you through the process, to give you the tools to make wise decisions. Choose a Realtor to represent YOU!

Avoid Mistakes Home Buyers

The Smith’s are finally ready to buy the house of their dreams. They have been on the fence for a while, and are ready to move forward. However, they have some very real concerns. They are worried about financing and all the paperwork required for the mortgage, fretting over the home inspection, paying too much, and of course, finding the right home.

The Smiths found several houses that fit what they were looking for, however, they were often surprised at the condition of homes, the home prices were all over the place, and sellers could sometimes be unrealistic. This is where I can help. I’m Sandi Sagaser, an experienced real estate broker who helps her Buyers navigate the obstacle course called “Buying a Home”.  We work with our clients to be prepared for unexpected obstacles, how to get through or around the obstacles to their benefit, and how to keep their eye on the prize of their new home!

What are the results?

Happy New Homeowners who are on their way to make new memories in that special place called “Home”.

Avoid Pitfalls in Real Estate

Buying or selling a house can be an exciting experience. It can also be an overwhelming experience. For instance, the Jones’ are ready to buy. And the Smith’s are ready to sell.

Although both families are very excited, they are also faced with a lot of decisions and an unfamiliar process.  This is where we come in. I’m Sandi Sagaser, from Inspired Homes. We a real estate agency who connects people with homes. We care more about the people than the deal.
We help clients navigate the process of buying and selling homes to avoid pitfalls.
We also help clients with a successful business transaction, while acknowledging the emotional side of buying and selling a HOME.  With 30+ years of real estate experience, we tailor the process with customized consultations, professional photography, pricing plans, staging, and target marketing plans to maximize clients’ profit. We also connect with the best professionals to increase odds of success.

The results?

We have happy clients that enjoy a rewarding sale and feel inspired!

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